Start Your Business Class

Start Your Business Class August 2016

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With the Start Your Business program, you can learn what you need to know to become a successful business owner. This 18 week program is a combination of two-hour seminars, one-on-one assistance and workshops on preparing to start, run or expand your business. Local successful business owners and experts on various business topics instruct the class.

Our curriculum covers marketing, advertising, promotion, sales, law, accounting, insurance, pricing, cash flow, bookkeeping, taxes and many more topics.

The Start Your Business program is geared toward entrepreneurs who want to start a business in south Bethlehem or who are of low to moderate income. It is an intensive training program that combines basic business information with one-on-one assistance, the chance to talk with other business owners, and the ability to obtain help with budgeting and planning, even after you complete the class.